Our Projects

Currently AWARE is working on the following projects:

In Kenya:

Aware has partnered with REVOLUTIONARY YOUTHS AND WOMEN ARTISANS SELF HELP GROUP (RYWA) in Kisumu to support creative art as an important initiative for empowering and building the self-esteem of street children. Previous art based initiatives in the area have been carried out with great success and attracted large numbers of children. These street children have expressed interest and demonstrated significant talent in a multitude of creative outlets including visual arts, writing, music and performing arts. With the help of Aware over the last two years RYWA has been able:

  • To put up a temporary structure for use as a workshop.
  • To recruit and admit 5 poor orphaned children into the program.
  • To purchase uniforms/other school requirements and pay school levies for the 5 children.
  • To train the children in art, craft and soap stone carving.

For more information about our Kenya Project please check out our website.

In Cambodia:

Aware is really excited to launch our first project in Cambodia, partnering with two amazing institutions, Chumkriel Language School (CLS) and Dorsu. Speaking with the director of Dorsu, the lovely Hanna and the director of CLS kind Mr Thy it was apparent that their commitment, respect and confidence in the people they are helping and the work they are doing would make them perfect partners to continue our art based empowerment programs with children, and move towards building the capacity of women to make a sustainable income through craft.

In Honduras:

During 2011, a representative of Aware traveled to Honduras and set up a four month short course in art, imagination and creativity for 12 girls (ages ranging from 10-13) living in Hogar de Ninas San Antonio, Santa Rosa de Copan. This orphanage, established in 1950, currently houses 53 girls from the ages of 3 to 22.

Through Aware’s art course, the girls participated in classes that ranged from drawing murals, sewing, painting and sketching. As the course progressed the girls were able to produce pieces of art and craft that they could be proud of, which was not only a lot of fun but also helped them to gain confidence in their own creativity abilities and ideas.

For more information on our Honduras project check out our website.


5 thoughts on “Our Projects

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  3. Michael Allen

    These look like amazing projects! After being in Kenya, it looks like something that will really work and benefit those children. Amazing work guys! keep it up!

    • Lily

      Thanks Michael! Look for our next post where we here from our partner in Kenya about how our work together has impacted her work 🙂

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