Aware in Cambodia. Part 1: social enterprises

Two days in Cambodia and I’m already inspired and mesmerised by this place.

In case any of you are thinking about traveling here, I wanted to share with you some places I found that will help you engage in community development while you go about your holiday. Phnom penh is buzzing with social enterprises –  causes that use trade to fund social programs.

If you head to the Russian market, Psar Tuol Tom Pong, a number of stores around the market boast fair-trade or ethical products. Among them is Nyemo which helps disadvantaged women return to work. Rajana which supports 130 producer groups through the principles of fair-trade. Alongside Rajana is Cafe Yejj, although its quite a western cafe, it does achieve a social impact through responsible employment.

Closer to the National Museum you will find Friends ‘n’ Stuff, a charity style store full of handmade and up-cycled goods. Next door is the very successful Friends restaurant which is run by former street children and their teachers. I must say that they food there is amazing and the staff are lovely. Check out their cookbooks here.

These are just few of the many social enterprise shopping and dining options, I encourage anyone spending time in Phnom Penh to check it out and make sustainable travel choices.

Written by volunteer, Stacey
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2 thoughts on “Aware in Cambodia. Part 1: social enterprises

  1. Linda Browne

    Hi Stacey and Lily, I’m so proud of you two and all the other people working with you in getting this site up and running and sharing all this vital info. This is my first visit to the Aware blog and it’s truely inspiring.
    Much love, Linda Browne.

    • Lily

      Thanks Linda! I’ll make sure to pass this along to Stacey too – just in case she doesn’t stop by here to read it while she’s in Cambodia 🙂

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