A story from Aware’s director, Stacey!

In 2010, Aware went to Honduras, one of the poorest nations in Central America, to run an art program with orphaned girls to increase self-esteem though self-expression for more information about the project click here.

Hi, I’m Stacey the director and co-founder of Aware. In 2010, I went to Western Honduras, Santa Rosa de Copan, with another volunteer.

While we were there, we painted, drew, crafted, sewed, glittered, and glued.

It was a messy affair!

Despite the glitter in my hair, it was all worth while for a group of young girls to be able to relax for a few hours every week, get creative, and laugh.

The idea of the program was to provide a creative space for these children
to express themselves, with resources and encouragement from us. When their homework was done on Sunday mornings, we would spend two hours together focusing on different creative outlets or modules.

One resounding thing that has stuck with me since working on this project is the
notion of childhood

So many children around the world do not get the chance to have a childhood, where they are free to play and not worry about everyday necessities like their next meal, shelter, and clean water to drink. The children preferred doing the exact same things I did as a child, making bracelets, playing with glitter, and drawing cartoon characters. Just basic playing that goes a long way towards personal development.

As time went on Sunday morning became the girls’ favourite time of the week. And the
older girls took on leadership roles – they passed on the games and skills that we had taught them. We finished the program confident that the girls would continue to spend time together: being creative, teaching and learning, and expressing themselves in a safe place where they could be confident in who they are.

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