Project Launch – Wool for Women!!

Today, International Women’s day, we are excited to formally launch Aware’s first program focusing on women. Every year on March 8, all over the world events are held to inspire and acknowledge women. In over 20 nations, International Women’s day is an official holiday. Including in Cambodia which is why today, a day that is meant to unite women through a series of vibrant and unique events all over the world, Aware is launching our new project – we’re so excited!

Wool for Women is an Aware project in conjunction with Dorsu and Chumkriel Language School (CLS).

Wool for Women will provide teacher training and skills to women in Cambodia to ensure they can earn a decent livelihood. Building on Dorsu’s amazing work, Aware will be crocheting up a storm with the women in Kampot. We will be making bags, hats, teddies, clothing items, accessories and all sorts.

The project aims to increase the skill set of these women, so that they can earn money and support themselves. Families in this region of Cambodia are facing severe unemployment and environmental struggles, the educated tend to leave the region in search of work. Providing employment, education and earning opportunities within the community makes a huge difference, and allows the people to work towards their own ideal future.

We want you to be involved! I don’t know about you, but we tend to buy more wool than we need for a project or even worse wool for projects we will probably never get to! Do you know someone like us?

We believe in minimising waste.   We want to reclaim that wool and do something really positive with it.

Don’t know any knitters or crocheters, next time you are in an opp-shop, why not spend a few dollars and donate a bag of wool or some needles to Wool for Women.

To get involved, find out exactly what items we need or to hold a fundraiser or wool drive, please contact

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4 thoughts on “Project Launch – Wool for Women!!

  1. Michael Allen

    International Women’s Day might be over, but pick up the phone, call your mother, or grandmother, or both, and any other women you know, and get on the wool wagon! Besides helping this amazing cause, I’m sure they would just appreciate the call 🙂

  2. Dorsu is very excited for this partnership … check out our website

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