A story from a volunteer in Honduras

Honduras – In 2010, Aware went to Honduras, one of the poorest nations in Central America, to run an art program with orphaned girls to increase self-esteem though self-expression for more information about the project click here.

Hi, my name’s Brett.  I’m from Melbourne, I’m 26, I play cricket, and I support the Carlton football club.  I had never really imagined volunteering overseas as something I’d be interested in, and then I became a volunteer at Aware. When the director, Stacey, said that she’d be going to Honduras to run an art program with orphaned girls – I knew I had get on board.

In the lead up to the trip, I was really excited about the opportunity to be part of a program that was helping those less fortunate than myself.

My first impression of the participants was that they were friendly. They were excited to be taking part in the program and really inquisitive about us.

I have many embarrassing photos of the girls drawing on my face, not really the type of art we had in mind, but creative none-the-less. The experience taught me a lot about how powerful it was for these girls to have some time out during the week where they could focus on having fun and express themselves through art without worrying about “real life” for a while. It was an amazing thing to be a part of, and I look forward to future opportunities to volunteer with Aware overseas.

– written by Brett, 26 year old volunteer

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One thought on “A story from a volunteer in Honduras

  1. staceyirving

    You did a great job brett! The participants had a ball drawing with you and sticking stickers on your face, “Mr Brett”.

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